This topic has been broadly discussed in many ways and forums. It stirs opinions, anxiety Emotions and talk from individuals to religious bodies as well as leaders. Numerous phrases and statements have been coined suggesting a powerful tool it is not only to the one who is the victim but also a positive effect on the offender.

I am in the sofa this dawn drawing inspiration from Nathaniel Bassey’s music and speaking to my Father above about my heart and how i want to be more light when the Holy Spirit got me to cast my mind back to a service this year I was in at Empowerment worship centre where Nathaniel Bassey ministered. Through his ministration, I made a resolution to Forgive all those who had in one way or another offended or hurt me.

With that being said, I remember I was specific and mentioned names that played a not so sweet nor sour role in my 2019.God made me more Tough & Hard from experiences I had through them.

I remember in that service, after Nathaniel Bassey shared an experience he had in one of the African countries he ministered to which he saw some bitter pills given him to swallow by way of how he and his Team were maltreated then. This experience as he recounted was difficult to fathom and forget even for us listening that evening. And guess what, he ended it in love sending the culprits love and best wishes.

I remember in the meeting, when he finished with his narration, in worship and sincerity, I mentioned specific names and also said I Forgive “Them”!. I meant it. Something left me and I left home even more light.

Sometimes, we tend to think or believe since we are the ones who have been treated the worst,some immediate compensation or gratification is needed to pacify us and give us a sense of vindication. Other times, we purpose to show those who wrong us how powerful or significant we are giving that, their offence was not expected where we were concerned. It can happen to Others But Not Us we indirectly think ๐Ÿ˜Š. It can also be certain decisions taken by people who are either close to us or not which does not favour us to which we cannot comprehend reason decisions were not taken in our favour especially when we believe it is deserving.

We fight back in many ways, some with words, in actions or even inactions. In other instance, we retaliate by doing to offenders same things and worse some times as a means to pay back or perphaps speak unpleasant words to them. Worse than we experienced. In other situations, some of us use silence instead of Forgiveness. The good book in Romans 12:19… says “Vengenance is mine” sayeth the Lord. Do not avenge yourself. God has a way of repaying and justifying. He does not need your assistance to fight your battles and hurts. He is an expect and knows how to fight them in ways you will not estimate or comprehend. But he always got you if your heart is right.

What we fail to see is, people who do offend or wrong us do not necessarily have peace. We all stay in the torture. All we need to work on is do what is required of us to enjoy the peace too by releasing them through our forgiveness so we Can be light as well and enjoy present as well as future blessings and attract future blessings and happiness.

I have seen it & I have experienced it and I will continue to experience it as long as there is life. No doubt you will continue to experience it too if you are already doing it. Great start for you who would like to commence it now. Forgiveness!


A recount of Nathaniel Bassey’s story:

“He mentioned being called to come for a program in an African country as Nathaniel Bassey. Not a start up trying to find his feet with blessing lives and gospel ministration. And in all his ministrations according to him, he does not charge as he believes the Lord gave him freely the giftings to which the Lord has spoken to him on charging in his early days of ministering.

As expected, this body of Christ takes care of travel arrangements, accomodation, safety and all of himself and his Team.

According to him, if i recall aptly, the Team had them arrive in the country by air without a pick up Yes. They found their way into the hotel and guess what, the hotel they were supposed to lodge in thinking it had been paid for had the bills not settled so after first night and show, it was a problem with bills to settle.

The Nathaniel Bassey Team played the show through ministration with the church family and ended with the chirch giving them Nothing!!!. No seed of love. No token of appreciation and thanksgiving to talk of transportation. As if that was not enough, hotels bills were not settled which was almost their headache and not the church family’s.

He and his Team that night had to be on a street they have no idea how safe it was looking for a cab to the airport in another African home country. And when they finally got to the airport,they had a shock of their lives tickets out thus for their return is Not Settled. Better put, not paid for or taken care of. That meant they could not go back home until they pay to be allowed to travel back to Nigeria.

With pain, Emotions and disbelief as he looked at his then pregnant wife who was on the journey with them according to him…For the first time in their marriage life, saw her in a state with emotions no man would want to see his woman. Then he being on the phone with one of the organisers, Mrs Bassey wanted to say a word to them on phone but he declined so he speaks to them alone and not encourage her involving herself. The entire Team was raged”!.

I mean who does that? A church family does this to a brother?. This is Maltreatment. After they had to go through so much to finally find their own way and find cash to settle all those, his Team kept speaking to him so they could take the organisers up, write to them and serve some truth and notices to them. However, he declined.

As he heard the Lord speak to him. He then wrote to the church and the organisers and instead of registering displeasure or raining curses, he sent them a letter and told them he loves them. He forgives them and wished them well. Such a heart!. The Lord spoke to him and said; “This is your Test and you passed it”. That which is ushering you into a New level.

See God!…What he does and how he does it. You see,You and I need Grace to be able to Forgive a brother and a sister. Not only that,we need to constantly pray for Mercy. We all need it. I know some times it is difficult. To give you comfort, it will not be difficult if you give it to him. He is specialised in working on our hearts and emotions until it is clear,clean and light.

A heart like yours by Ceccy Winas happens to me a song that ministered to me and always that. It is all at some point I desire and I build on it. I felt unusual at heart yesterday. Probably something within me lingering. Decisions I am taking and decisions others are taking. Not realising it’s effect on me,I was certain how Light I felt had changed just a little bit hence decision to talk to my Father above this morning so I become free and clear the way for my Lightness and blessings.

The Bible says the expectation of the righteous shall never be cut off. After worship and talking to him, things change. And I feel better . Sometimes, it is just our mind at play. The enemy trying to rob us of our peace, lightness and fellowship with our Father.

As you think of how painful that experience is, the decision against you or not in your favour was and as you reflect on how gory that incident was, remember it is your reaction and emotions that is making it so hideous and heavy.

My Father Prophet Nanasei Opoku Sarkodie last week, mentioned how God told him to pray this prayer saying he God should let him see people as He sees Them. You see, in many instances, we see people as horrible based on what they did or said about us and form perceptions permanently. We make it difficult a room for kind thoughts or give benefit of doubt. However, if we see people like how God sees them, imagine a world we will live in. Forgiveness will flow swiftly and gently without struggle.

This Week was on love. Everything about life and death revolves around Love. If only we can give love to that person that exhibit attributes of hate, or love the one who annoys or slander about us the most instead of being resentful, the world will be a better place. Life will be much beautiful and our lives same.

If you have a reason valid or not to let go of an issue or event, please remember Nathaniel Bassey’s story. It could be a Test from God for your blessings you have always prayed for or an experience to usher you into your Newness.

Remember, the book of Romans 10:11 says “Anyone who puts his trust in him will Never be disgraced”.So while you trust God to Forgive the offender or even yourself. Yes, forgiving ourselves have been overlooked. But that is for another day. Once you forgive the person. You will Never be ashamed. You win Forever!.

Bless you and don’t forget to desire and pray for a heart like his. “God’s”!

Never Give Up. You Are Awesome.


***adjwoa adubia amponsah***


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